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Reviews of Celebrations Easy Dry

Smart yet affordable cloth dryer by shrutika

Written July 10, 2013

The celebrations clothes dry is an all aluminum cloth hanger built for the purpose and is one of the most useful products which i have come across. the company guarantees rust proofing and the elegant design of this cloth dryer is impressive. it s...

Foldable clothes dryer for every weather by manish

Written July 7, 2013

I was on the hunt for a cloth dryer recently when the celebrations easy dry caught my eye. this foldable clothes dryer is sleek, durable and strong and serves everything which i could have asked for. celebrations is known for its durable steel ite...

Portable and durable by False

Written Feb. 1, 2013

Easy dry is a remarkable utility item. the best part of it is that it is portable and durable. it has an export quality. it is light weight and can be drag anywhere. it has a very stylish look made of jindal aluminium tubes, guaranteeing a rust-pr...

So strong by RUCHI

Written Jan. 31, 2013

Since the past week, a lot of people ilive n my house and we didn't have place to dry their clothes, i brought this litte wonder out and its fab!

Simple use by Heena

Written Jan. 26, 2013

When you want to quickly dry clothes, you just open it, put your clothes on, dry them, fold this and keep this back! so simple

Nice drying stand by TINA

Written Jan. 17, 2013

This is a very nice drying stand. it is made up of good quality material and does not rust easily. it is also very conveinient to use

Rainy day help by PRACHI

Written Jan. 5, 2013

I got this for our home for monsoon because clothes get wet outside. it is a very efficient product, every city house must own it

Fabulous product that saves a lot of space by Lijo

Written Oct. 16, 2012

Fabulous product!! i am very impressed with the utility factor and the quality of the product and the space that it saves with in the room. you can always take this from the package when you want to dry the clothes and put it back in a corner afte...

Satisfactory buy!!!!!! by False

Written Oct. 6, 2012

I saw this in a super market in singapore. could not purchase as i dint have space left to carry back to india. i see similar products in many places around mumbai but the quality never enthu'd me. a friend of mine referred celebrations easy ...

Classy and captivating look by False

Written June 30, 2012

Easy dry has made things very easy for me. the last 9 months or so, it's regular use has made my home look elegant. i no longer have any maids to dry my clothes in the verandah or roof top. i just pull out easy dry and dry them myself. its fa...

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